Stories of Light

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Stories of Light brings 12 great Islamic stories with messages of tolerance, kindness, compassion, honesty and other virtues for the children of today’s digital world, with 136 dazzling illustrations and fully narrated voice-over!

Now available to download for free on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store!

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Download from the Play Store!
Download from the App Store!
Download from the App Store!

Stories of Light is a large volume of 12 illustrated Islamic stories that can teach the muslim children of today about the virtues and inspire them to embody them.

  • For 5-9 year old kids
  • 12 curated Islamic stories about tolerance, kindness, compassion
  • 136 dazzling illustrations
  • Fully narrated with great voice-over
  • Simple and crisp writing
  • Kids friendly app
  • Beautiful UI
  • Easy to use navigation controls that allow readers to move forward and back through the story
  • For both Android and iOS

Safe for Kids

  • No advertising or product placement
  • No marketing to children
  • No collecting of any personal information

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