Ramadan…the month when worships are magnified by intentions

Ramadan is less than100 days away. This, alhumdulillah will be my first Ramadan as a mother inshaAllah. Last year, I was carrying Nawar, my baby daughter during this blessed month. Also, we shifted to a new country on that very month. Seoul as a city is very busy and full of hustle bustle. However, that crowd was new for me, moreover physically it was challenging as a first time mother. I started the holy month with the intention of fasting every alternate day. But, couldn’t do so, due to my extreme weakness and dehydration. Somehow could manage two days of fasting. I was not very happy about it, but kept myself content with the fact that Allah swt has given me the privilege to choose whether to fast or make it up later. Alhumdulillah!

I am very much inspired and aspire to demonstrate Ramadan as a very very special and glorious month to my daughter. I started reading blogs where they share different activities to make the month special and memorable for your children. As I kept reading, I felt very inspired. On the other hand, sometimes it felt overwhelming for me and I started giving up on my wishes to make it special for my baby. Now, I regret that I forgot where I read about it, but that particular mother opened my eyes and heart. She suggested to make it special in the realm of your own circumstances and ability. Allah sees the intention and effort. Whether we are giving the best of our efforts with a clear and good intention-that’s the key.
This coming Ramadan my daughter will complete her 9 months inshaAllah. I am pondering what can I do in this coming Ramadan, to make it special for me and her and my husband as a family of three! I know at this age she will probably won’t get any idea of what’s happening around her, but I want to do something with the hope that atleast she will understand something is happening around.

This Ramadan seems to be the toughest one for me with a baby and none around me to support. I feel guilty, unhappy, less satisfied. But deep in my heart I am praying for the ability to make most of this blessed month.

“As for those who strive in Us, We shall surely guide them in Our ways.” Surah-Ankabut 29:69

I would love to here how you thought of introducing Ramadan to your children, or if you have already done so please share. It will be eye-opening for me to have more ideas and thoughts.

May Allah grant abundant mercy upon me and all of us to reach this Ramadan and make the best out of it. Ameen.

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